14 October, 2015. 15:30

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Inner-city residents of Sydney have today put forward a proposal to local council that enforce an official gluten-free zone in the main street of Surry Hills.

After months of petitions and meetings with barristers, local blogger Lynne Seede has officially met with Lord Mayor Clover Moore to discuss the plan, which has been gathering momentum for months.

“We aren’t asking for this. We are demanding it,” she said

“There are thousands of Surry Hills residents that recognise gluten can be harmful, and quite frankly, we don’t want it here,”

The proposed exclusion zone is set to cover roughly two kilometres of Crown street, one of the busiest night life precincts in Australia.

“Working with a local mothers group, I came to the idea after the Mosman city council banned cigarette smoking in the streets. Shortly after Barry O’Farrell imposed the lock-out on pubs in Kings Cross,”

“We thought ‘what is the biggest concern for our children and neighbours?’ – It became pretty clear that it was the excessive amount of gluten being served at our local restaurants and diners,”

“There has been a huge grassroots push for this exclusion zone. It’s our very own lock-out,”

BELOW: Lynne Seede and fellow Surry Hills residents on #SOSyd

“If you are visiting Surry Hills and want to eat bread, then I’m sorry you can keep walking down to Redfern,”

Ms Seede went on to explain how the concept of a gluten-free zone is quite easily something that could extend across the entire city.

“It’s a matter of education. People who live in Surry Hills seem to be a bit more educated than most residents of Sydney. Particularly when it comes to diet,”

Ms Seede is a food blogger and also a director of her very own Surry Hills based PR agency, The Sweaty Mistress. As a community leader and dietary activist, she features heavily in the documentary series, Streets Of Sydney


  1. I hope that she is equally strong minded in demanding that there are no more cars allowed in Surrey Hills, as I am pretty sure there are more death and injuries by cars than by gluten ….

  2. Except for people with Celiac disease (and they’re rare), there’s no such thing as gluten sensitivity. People have been eating it for thousands of years. So this so-called “proposal” is nothing more than a totalitarian effort to impose the opinions of a small group of people on the majority.

  3. Why doesn’t Seede push to exclude food entirely? If no one eats then no one will get fat.

    Seede & her merry little band of Kuisine Kommissars need to be laughed out of town. It’s not her business to tell citizens of a free society what to eat. That Lord Mayor Clover Moore is even giving this a moments thought speaks poorly of her judgment.

  4. “It’s a matter of education. People who live in Surry Hills seem to be a bit more educated than most residents of Sydney. Particularly when it comes to diet,”

    My god, how I cringed in embarrassment. “We demand it”! Good to see that leftist totalitarian spirit is alive and well in Surrey Hills.

    “No bread for you”!!! What is this country coming to and what is it with the left and their obsessions with demanding the right to ban everything that may bring happiness to the majority? Tragic.

  5. I want Crown Street to be declared a wanker free zone I have a meeting with Clover Moore on Monday at the Golden Barley Hotel followed with a press conference at Bread Top. We will also I have a information stall at Harry’s Café De Wheels where they are saving a specialty just found Col saving a specialty just for our cause. We have the backing of the AWB. More information visit http://www.wine kids out of sor more information visit http://www.wankersoutofsurryhills.org/getasconeupya.

  6. I live wif Ceoliac and until you do your research l subjuest you mungrels to shit up and understand how serious it is for someone like myself to eat out even to by food in a supermarket can be easily cross conterminated by the foid around in storage etc… how dare any of you mock such a condition… yeah theres the ones out there the try claiming there a Ceoliac or have an allergy or intolerant but truth to the matter here its a importance to people like myself… do your research morons….


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