The streets that line the Sunshine Coast are reportedly deserted this afternoon, after a frantic mass evacuation earlier today.

The apocalyptic scenes come after the NRL confirmed it would be re-locating players to the area as part of a special bubble to ensure they can play out the rest of the 2021 season.

That movie-style evacuation of the area began last night and continued through the earlier hours of the morning, following NRL CEO Andrew Abdo announcing the relocation of 12 clubs to Queensland amid the outbreak in Sydney.

With 4 clubs landing at Caloundra this afternoon, it’s believed there are roughly 200,000 people hiding up in the hills around Maleny, Montville, and Kenilworth.

“As soon as we heard the news, I packed our closest belongings into the car and told the family to get,” said one Noosa resident this afternoon.

“A family has taken us in near the Zoo, so we are just going to hide away here until the season wraps up.”

It’s believed that a few thousand residents who couldn’t flee, have made their way into the retirement village-style compounds that scatter the retirement belt of the state, with frantic efforts underway to fortify their lodgings.

“We’ve survived worse than this, will get by,” said one heavily armed retiree out the front of his village.

“Everything we need’s in here, we’ll just batten down the hatches and keep our heads low until the end of the season.”

More to come.


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