In some shocking political news this afternoon, allegations have emerged that a former Prime Minister may be in the pocket of the Chinese Government.

That’s according to the Murdoch Media, with the Daily Telegraph claiming that Kevin Rudd has been lobbying on behalf of the Chinese Government.

These allegations follow claims by Rudd himself, that he had been influential in securing jabs for the nation after negotiating with Pfizer as a concerned citizen.

Rudd provided the ABC with the letter he sent to the government, notifying them he had been speaking to the boss of Pfizer after business figures concerned by the appalling pace of the jab roll out, put the pair in contact.

The claims Rudd had anything to do with increasing the rollout have been denied by Pfizer and the government, with the government’s official newsletter now confirming that Rudd was actually lobbying on behalf of China.

Splashed across the home page this afternoon, the Daily Telegraph has revealed that Rudd was sent by Xi Jinping to undermine Australia’s health policy in an effort to secure doses for China and cement their standing in the Asia Pacific region.

Emblazoned with the word ‘Traitor,’ the tabloid has unveiled a 500-word piece detailing Rudd’s ‘espionage and sabotage’ coupled with whispers he may have even been the man who ate that very first bat.

More to come.


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