After not seeing much traction on his last Tinder profile photo that saw him petting a heavily sedated tiger in Thailand, suburban bachelor Greg Hewitt (32) has decided to role the dice on offering a more introspective, vulnerable side to himself.

The relatively well-paid glass balustrade installer says he has previously seen great success with his fishing photos, as well as other groups shots of him with like eight blokes wearing football jerseys. However, it’s always good to keep mixing it up, and the photos from the boys trip in Phuket just weren’t doing it for the local singles.

“I thought I’d sex it up a bit” he says.

“The photos of me snowboarding with full reflective ski goggles and a hoodie are a bit outdated, I’ve grown a bit of a beard since then”

Greg says the newest pic he’s decided on is one from his mates bucks party in Airlie beach last month, it’s on the few where he’s smiling because someone just told a joke.

Greg says the new photo, which appears to be cropped several times – with another bloke’s head taking up 40% of the frame, is giving the ladies aged between 18-24 who live within 5 kilometres something a bit different.

“See how we go. If not I’ll put up another pic of me on the boat”




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