7 February, 2016. 11:24

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A 26-year-old private wealth manager has been left to pick up the pieces this afternoon after accidently admitting to colleagues that he agreed with Q&A host Tony Jones on a number of social issues.

Connor Double-White, of Sydney, has worked for the bespoke financial institution for a number of years, but he’s expected to resign this afternoon after being laughed off the trading floor in moments after making the controversial statement.

“All I said was that I think Tony was right in challenging that young right-wing chick over her stance on social issues, like abortion and gay marriage,” he said.

“I don’t know why anybody in this industry would be pro-life? There’d be a lot of senior executives paying school fees and child support for their PA and secretary’s babies that they never expected to.”

Speaking to The Advocate via wireless telephone earlier today, the crestfallen Sagittarius said he wasn’t sure where he’d be able to find work in the industry now that he’s been accused of being a closeted Plibersek voter.

“My boss said you can’t be left-wing and work in financial services. It’s bad for business, apparently. I’m not actually that left, I just think that gay marriage isn’t that big of a deal. Neither is abortion. Both of those issues don’t affect me in the slightest.”

“That’s until I’m a senior executive. Then I’m pro-choice all the way.”

More to come.



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