A close friend with an rather large noggin’ doesn’t realise how completely out of line it is to pick up your sunglasses and squeeze them over their own enormous face, just to see how they look.

Without even asking, Julia – who is able to hide her giant nut through an array of carefully chosen hairstyles – picks up your sunglasses and puts them on. Even after she just learnt how new they are.

Notorious for her inability to remember how huge her head is, Julia also struggles with finding the right hat for a day at the races. When it comes to caps, she is often seen testing the last notch on the adjustable strap.

But now, with a brand new pair of Bailey Nelson’s about to forced onto her acre-face, its up to you to pull her up in the politest way possible.

“Hey come on” is the usual response, but playing on lack of eyesight can also work.

“Hey don’t do that I need them to read. I just got my eyes tested so those have special lenses. Those are more for reading than for anything else”

If all else fails, it is appropriate to be a bit stern.

“Oi! Cut it out! Your giant head fucking head will stretch them Elephant-man”


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