10 March, 2017. 12:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

As any red-blooded regional Victorian without any tangible connection to the land does, Dennis Coleman proudly sends his WB Holden ute sideways at every opportunity he gets.

Though the last thing to travel in the tray of his ute was his sister’s bedframe when he helped her move last July, the 34-year-old hotel manager says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Yeah, she’s my ute! [laughs] Pretty fucken proud of the old girl, turns heads that’s for sure.” he said.

However, many around his hometown of Methdigo in Central Victoria know Coleman’s ute for an entirely different reason.

Almost every square inch of space on the back of his ute is occupied by a bumper sticker – bumper stickers that offend almost everybody in town.

“Oi but, they’re pretty funny, aye?” he said.

“They’re not meant to be taken seriously, but. But yeah, there’s racist ones, sexist ones, stickers about the disabled, stickers about rape and sexual coercion. Don’t look at me like that, cunt!”

A local shopkeeper, who asked to remain anonymous, said he grimaces each time he hears Dennis’ ute rumble down the main street.

“I mean, as a regional Victoria, I enjoy a racist joke as much as the next joke, but Dennis is taking the piss,” he said.

“There’s a line in the bulldust and he’s crossed it.”


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