A blockbuster Hollywood film about a foster dad with anger problems who carries class A weapons on him at all times has this weekgrossed $300 million worldwide against its $97 million budget as of March 7, 2017.

Logan, which stars Australian Hugh Jackman as the alcohol-dependant brawler with a penchant for stabbing people at the slightest sign of confrontation, has been praised by film critics for it’s accurate portrayal of life in Logan, QLD.

Logan City is a local government area situated within the south of the Brisbane metropolitan area in South East Queensland. Situated between the City of Brisbane to the north and the City of Gold Coast to the south, the City also borders the iconic cultural hubs of the City of Ipswich, and Redland City.

Named after the brutal dicator of a penal settlement in the area, Captain Patrick Logan, the suburban region is well-known for its high crime rate, and success in breeding rugby league champions.

Speaking to the media today, the director of Logan (film) says he wasn’t going to make the film unless he did it right.

“First of all, I wanted an Australian in the lead role. Someone who can understand life in the suburbs”

“I wanted him to look disheveled and suffering from malnutrition, with obvious substance dependencies”

“The character needed to have an obvious disdain for mainstream society as well as his mutant peers”

“…But also he needed to be naturally gifted at athletic, with a possible back story that saw him missing out being selected for state rugby league representative honours as under 20’s player”

“I think we nailed it. This is the real Logan”



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