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For Jack Coffey (28), the bravest thing he did in December 2020 was to tag Tessa Blumenthal (25) in a short online video of a dog drinking water from its bowl. A seemingly innocuous gesture to most, but for Tessa, and her eagle-eyed best friend Joanne, it meant that Jack was totally into her.

What started off as a bi-weekly back and forth between Jack and Tessa, steadily increased to an ongoing daily tag-a-thon – which, in today’s digital society, is a clear indication that the two are very much romantically involved.

The Advocate caught up with best friend, Joanne, to confirm the status of the two Betootanese lovers a month into the romance, to confirm whether their online relationship had in fact translated to the real world.

“Omg [sic] they’re totally a thing, well, nearly”

“They’ve been on one real date, Jack paid, so cute, I died!”

“I reckon that two other friends, Lindsay and Sarah, have got a thing going on as well. I don’t have proof, but I’ve been monitoring their tagging and something is definitely happening”

The Advocate reached out to Jack and Tessa, and Lindsay and Sarah, to confirm whether or not they’re indeed romantically involved, but we’re yet to receive a response – which is odd because their constant tagging would suggest that they’ve definitely been online.

More to come.


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