A local man who probably smokes pot once every two years, has today decided that he must have a high tolerance to the THC in his mate’s new batch of brownies, and that one brownie wasn’t enough.

Having never experimented with cannabis-infused edibles before, Scotty Maley (31) was more than eager to have a crack when his mate Shan brought some over today for a relaxed arvo Christmas catch up.

With no kids around and the party thinning out a bit, Scotty decided it was time to tuck in, stubbornly ignoring any advice that was being offered to him by Shan or anyone else.

After spending approximately five minutes of trying to decipher whether he felt anything or whether his hypersensitivity to light was a placebo, Scotty decides that these brownies must be either duds or extremely weak.

“Haha. I’m not feeling anything. Are you guys feeling it?”

“Screw it. I’m gonna have another. Haha”

Once again ignoring the advice of others, Scotty mungs down another wildly potent chocolate brownie.

At time of press Scotty was seen brushing his teeth with a dead pigeon he found behind a skip bin in the car park of his local Dan Murphy’s


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