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“[Haha] Have you guys ever played goon of fortune?” Chase Dall (15) asked his older cousins, while sitting around an outdoor table out of earshot of his parents.

Chase’s cousins are all 23-29 years old, so when he asked them if they knew how to play this particular drinking game, they knew they were about to have a bit of fun with the little fella.

“Nah, mate, what’s that?” lied Joel, wanting to bait a naïve Chase.

Chase then went on to describe the commonly known drinking game, even suggesting that they play a bit later once the parents go to bed.

But this all fell on deaf ears, with the older cousins were just waiting for him to finish so they could offer him a drink, out of his parents’ sight of course.

“Here, take this beer under the table mate,” offered Joel.

“Let me know if you want another one and I’ll go get it from the Esky for you.”

While Chase thought his older cousin, Joel, was doing this because he thought he was cool, Joel was doing it because he wanted to get his little cousin pissed before the family sat down for lunch.

More to come.



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