The Sydney Writer’s Festival have today apologised to residents of the harbour city for the lack of light and air in the city’s CBD

The annual left-wing echo chamber festival has taken over the city, partly because of the giant soap box they have erected in the middle of The Rocks and Darling Harbour.

“We understand that this event gives a platform to the creative elite, but we had no idea the soap box would be this big” said one organiser.

“We are aware Sydney has a lot of other ‘cool things’ going on, and we apologise for literally taking the light off Vivid, as well as the 200 separate farmer’s markets that took place within a fifteen kilometres radius of our event”

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says those behind the festival should feel ashamed for polluting the minds of young Sydneysiders with secular, hippy nonsense.

“It’s a real shame. We have plenty of amazing writers in this city, like Miranda Devine and Joe Hildebrand… Why they felt the need to ship all of these atheists and traditional marriage opponents is beyond me”

The Betoota Advocate would also like to apologise for taking part in this festival, and joining the ranks of fellow literary figures who’s ideas and opinions are this week being treated as gospel simply because they have previously appeared in print.




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