Google processes trillions of search requests each year, and on today the San Fran Cisco-based company revealed which terms dominated its search engine since in Australia over the last fornight.

Many of the phrases, unsurprisingly, reflect national events, news topics and other phenomena that rose to prominence throughout the news cycle. The top trending search term is “Origin fights” which is in reference to the upcoming interstate rugby league series scheduled to begin tomorrow night.

“Mercedes Corby Zoo Magazine”  and “Tallis drag tackle” as well as “Is Paul Kelly Aboriginal” claimed the rest of the top five, while “Katter Darius” and “Nate Myles Get Punched” rounded out the end of the list.

The list of most popular google search terms, state-by-state, is as follows:


1. MErcedes Corby zoo magazine pics

2. Who was that cunt that Tallis dragged

3. Carl Webb fucks guy up off penalty

4. Billy Moore Queenslander

5. How do you pronounce Anastasias last name


1. Nate Myles get punched origin fight

2. Hopa v sing origin fight

3. Jarryd Hayne cry origin

4. Mercedes Corby Zoo magazine pics

5. Why does my wife hate delta


1. What is origin

2. Tram timetables

3. Courtney Barnett favourite coffee

4. Mercedes Corby zoo mag pics

5. Andrew Bolt Manchester article


1. Why booing bad

2. why no white person round in AFL

3. Cheap places for ice coffee

4. murder

5. serial murder


1. Best places to get dexies

2. MErcedes Corby zoo magazine pics

3. Mining jobs

4. mining jobs QLD

5. cheap flights bali


1.  Whats this origin shit

2. How to cook roo if you dont know any blackfellas

3. Don dale

4. wet season holiday packages

5. MErcedes Corby zoo magazine pics


1. we are pretty much a state hey

2. Good weed Queanbeyan

3. how to get out of jury duty

4. MErcedes corby zoo mag pics

5. Schappelle single



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