A small town influencer is a little stroppy today, as she desperately waits for her chance to shine on Instagram.

As the proud owner of the local personal training business ‘Body by Kelly’, Betoota fitness guru Kelly Peters is considered by many, and herself, to be a bit of an ‘It Girl’ around town.

After spending her New Years Eve celebrations at an exclusive rooftop party on level 5 of the Shamrock Hotel, with glittering views of the fireworks over Lake Betoota, Kelly is believed to have an entire camera roll full of hot shots which she hasn’t yet been able to post due the overwhelming barrage of friends and followers who have already been posting all week.

“Posting it on New Years Day is just so obvious, I always like to keep my followers guessing,” Kelly told our reporter from the driver’s seat of her Suzuki Swift.

“And two or three days later builds up some anticipation, I know they’re all wondering what I’ve been up to.”

Now that it’s a few days on from New Years and Kelly has managed to let the new year engagement photos and fresh Christmas puppies have some limelight in the feed, Kelly said she was ready to drop her triple dump of ‘New Year, New Me’ content.

“I’ve picked my three shots, it’s two of me solo and then another one of me laughing with the girls as the fireworks go off in the background, it’s all great content,” Kelly told The Advocate, shoving her phone in our direction for our approval.

“The longer I leave it, the better it’ll be for my personal brand, it’ll make everyone think I’ve just been too busy to post, haha!” Kelly told The Advocate followers can expect to see her content at 8:10pm this Sunday night.

More to come.


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