A local Slav by the name of Luka has today switched back to being Serb, after switching between several different Eastern European nationalities at a party last night.

Despite the fact that the 27-year-old car detailer from Betoota’s Flight Path District, was overheard trying to suss out mutual friends or relatives with a crowd of what he believed to be Croatians, Luka is now back on the Serb train ahead of a cousin of a cousins wedding this weekend.

“I don’t usually fuck with Serbs, you Croatian right?” he said.

The common occurrence of 2nd-generation slavic Australians trotting out different old countries has increased over the last twenty years, after countless changes to international to change in Eastern Europe.

In a region smaller than Victoria, many migrants have parents who’s nationality changed several times in their lifetime through war and politics.

Luka, however, has never been to Eastern Europe or any of the modern countries that been forged out of his parent’s homelands. Although, through family, he’s got enough of a connection to the array of national cultures to be able to bounce between each depending on who he’s talking to.

Upon learning the people he was talking to were actually Bosnian, Luka was quick to point out that he’s still got family there.

However, he couldn’t have predicted the curve ball that his fellow slavs were about to throw at him.

“Are you Muslim too?” asked one of the partygoers.

Luka takes a long breath and continues with the narrative.

“Yeah” he says

“For sure bro”



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