A group of Sky News panelists experienced what they referred to as ‘the worst outrage ever’ this week after discovering the lyrics to an updated nursery rhyme titled “Old McDonald Had A Wind Farm.” 

According to the program, the updated nursery rhyme originated from just one alternative daycare centre in Betoota’s French Quarter but will soon be around the whole country infecting everyone’s child with the Labor party’s communist agenda.

“This is perverted, sick, twisted, demented, perverse and most disturbingly, unAustralian,” stated Paul Murray as he scrolled through Andrew Bolt’s search history.

“And this stuff about Old McDonald’s alleged wind farm is even worse!” 

Originally the panel of old white men and one woman called ‘Peta’ were to discuss domestic CoronaVirus travel restrictions but immediately changed the subject when they heard about something they hated more than Dan Andrews.

“I guess honest Australian animals aren’t good enough ingredients for the left so they’ve found refuge in eye-sore inducing wind farms that kill two people for every life they allegedly save,” stated Mark Latham after ordering the camera operator to shoot him from below so he would look large and mighty to audiences at home.

“Show me some evidence wind farms actually work. Seriously. Just one bit of evidence, is all I ask. Just not from Wikipedia. Or Daily Mail. Or Huff Post, scientific journals, independent research papers, academic transcripts or anything else I have to read or watch. Just one piece.” 

Although the panel was scheduled for an hour of discussion on Sunday evening, at the time of writing the panel of five are still live on air incessantly discussing the horrific implications of Old McDonald selling out to green energy instead of to overseas investors or to a fracking company.


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