Animal rights activists are more empowered than ever before as white people rush to support a cause that doesn’t make them feel like the problem at every turn.

In the past 10 years huge advancements have been made for animal rights including Sweden banning the boiling of live lobsters in favour of a merciful knife to the head before cooking.

One area of animal abuse that is yet to receive much attention is the use of dog booties which unlike foie gras and horse racing is just plain adorable.

Placing fashionable socks on a dog’s paws to simulate human shoes is a distressing event for the canine who will usually try and remove the lil booties in the most uncoordinated and hilarious way possible, proving hours of laughter for the whole family.

Even animal rights group PETA admits that while completely inhumane dog booties are a fun little distraction from a domestic dog’s horrible life.

“Dogs clearly don’t like this but it’s hardly as bad as dropping a live shark back in the water while it’s fins are back onboard getting ready for a deep fry,” stated PETA spokesperson Guneet Kashyap.

“It’s never nice to see an animal struggle in pain, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a least a little funny, especially when it’s walking all silly.”

According to Kashyap PETA is still dedicating to ending this humiliating/hilarious practice and will be doing a public stunt where humans will wear shoes in a public to show punters the reality of this cruel behaviour.


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