17 June, 2017. 12:34

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A polite, quiet young man has left friends in a state of shock after explaining that he doesn’t want to come and watch the Wallabies with them this afternoon, despite a spare ticket going begging.

Sam Dunkirk, a Sydney-based commercial analyst at Brambles, said that while he still enjoys watching the odd game of rugby union football, today is not the day.

“Yeah, I know the Wallabies are playing this afternoon. I might watch it at home or at the pub with the fellas,” he said.

“But yeah, don’t think I’ll be clip-clopping up Moore Park Road in the RMs today. Plus, the game is in disarray at the moment. That Bill Pulver has shit the bed big time. The board at Australian Rugby is hanging onto 1999-2002 like chinless 10-year-old on the monkey bars,”

“Club rugby is the only rugby worth watching these days. You can drink a full-strength beer with boys out of a glass schooner. You might even meet somebody from a public school. It is a melting pot.”

As a former student of Blackall’s exclusive Springfield College, Dunkirk agrees with the statement that he often feels obligated to care about rugby union without actually enjoying it.

“It was either play rugby or play soccer, which only downers played. So I played rugby because I enjoyed being taken seriously by my peers. But yeah. Go Wallabies.”

More to come.



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