17 June, 2017. 15:34

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An Indooroopilly tax accountant bought himself an early birthday present last night and picked up a couple tickets to ‘All Eyez On Me’ – a new film detailing the untold story of US rapper Tupac Shakur.

Nathan Dore and his domestic partner Rachael Willis visited their local Event Cinema and splurged on a large popcorn and choc top, setting him back a handsome $47.

“It’s not every day you come to the movies,” he said.

“But I really wanted to see the new ‘Pac film and I couldn’t find a torrent so yeah, we’re here. Rach doesn’t even know who he is! [laughs] She’s in for a treat.”

Walking out of the cinema two hours later, the 29-year-old spoke to The Advocate on the way back to his silver late-model Holden Astra parked on the second floor of the carpark.

Despite his friends openly mocking him for being almost completely devoid of any discernable personality, Dore said he found the film to be ‘quite relatable’ on a personal, not a cultural level.

“I think ‘Makaveli’ and I would’ve been kindred spirits,” he said.

“His journey isn’t dissimilar to my own. I mean, being the misunderstood outsider at high school to going to college when you really wanted to do something else, like maybe chase your dreams. But yeah, I count it all quite relatable. Besides all the guns, drugs and rampant sex,”

“Maybe one day.”

More to come.


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