The Melbourne Suburb of Fitzroy is reporting one of the most incredible environmental changes in recorded history this week.

In a never-seen-before occurrence, a sharehouse in the trendy inner Melbourne suburb has developed its own ecosystem within its walls.

The sight that biologists needed to see to believe, is a place tenanted by 5 young professionals, and is now blessed with its own weather system and wildlife.

“It actually just started with a couple of indoor succulents last year,” explained the graphic designer Audrey Simpson-Smith.

“I thought lockdown was as good a time as any for us to get some plants and start a bit of a collection,” she said as a butterfly floated down onto her shoulder.

“And now here we are.”

While the breathtaking new environment is a wonder to behold, Audrey says there has certainly been some downside to the terrarium.

“The sunshower I got yesterday during a work zoom call was pretty annoying,” Audrey laughed.

“There’s always the traditional sharehouse back and forth about who is going to clean up the litres of water that pool on the floor after the rain.”

“We are assuming the mosquitoes are going to be a nightmare in summer, but we’ll cross that bridge with some essential oil repellent when we get to that.”

“All in all though, it is pretty special to see what my babies have become,” she said.

“Particularly when the first few indoor plants I had died within a couple of weeks.”


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