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Born on the same day the Plastic Ono Band took the stage for the first time, Shane Warne still had a hip in his hop this morning as he took a first look at the Adelaide pitch ahead of today’s historic Day Night Test match between Australia and England.

While he didn’t seem too impressed by the surface, he turned to Ian Healy and said he could still take five on it.

“I could still take five on this Heals – even without your help. Possible even seven if Darren [Berry] had the gloves on,” said the spritely 48-year-old.

“Honestly, just look at it. Even Steve Rixon with half a box of wine in him could get turn on this bitch. Punter would’ve let Justin Langer bowl on this, it’s that suited to the Kookaburra,”

“Anyway, those are just my thoughts, Ian. I’m going to have a lie-down and play on my phone for a bit, How good are these night Tests? I could’ve slept in until noon and nobody could’ve stopped me.”

This is a developing story.

More to come.


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