Local Wimp Ben Carter (34) has a lot to answer to after ordering an entre sized pasta dish as his main meal during a dinner out with friends.

“I just didn’t feel like a full-sized OK! What’s the big deal?”

It has been reported, upon ordering the entre sized ravioli and specifying “can I get it as my main though?” Carter triggered a series of sniggers from around the table.

Witness reports suggest that Carter’s order prompted some of the blokier men at the table to add garlic bread to their order in an attempt to flex their manly hunger whilst showing off as much neck tattoo as possible.

“Yeah, extra garlic bread thanks. And make sure you bring the dessert menu round once we’re done thanks love.”

According to the diners, Carter’s portion controlled humiliation did not hit it’s stride until the waiter delivered his entre sized ‘main’ to his girlfriend instead of him.

Eyewitness accounts state this misunderstanding was met with a boom of overly blokey laughter followed by table slamming chants of “Entre boy! Entre boy!”

For Carter, evenings like this are becoming all too common and while he finds it frustrating he defends his decision.

“I’m the only bloke at the table whose belly isn’t touching the table, probably because I eat smaller portions.”

“They can act as blokey as they want, that’s fine. Eventually, they might realise the reason I’m the only one there with a girlfriend is because I take care of myself and don’t find toxic masculinity hilarious.”

In response to these allegations, Carter’s barrel-chested co-worker Tom Egan states he’s just making excuses.

“Haha! Classic entre boy! Bringing his missus everywhere and ordering entres! He didn’t even finish his tiny serving I ate it for him!”

“So, how ‘bout that dessert menu love?”


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