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The only way this country is going to shake this economic funk off is by building big things.

That’s the message today from the Prime Minister, who said over the next generation or two, the nation will be undergoing “renovations and extentions” – something that should inject hundreds of billions back into the economy.

“We will acheive a surplus again by building large infrastruture projects that employ thousands and improve the lives of millions,” said Scott Morrison today in Canberra.

“The people who are chosen to build them, well, they’re true Australians. They’re my friends. I have friends everywhere. People who give their time, money and effort toward the future of Australia and the Liberal Party,”

“I have an address book with all my mates in it. They’ll get first pick because that’s what mates do. We help each other. Like the Diggers and ANZACs. This country was built on jobs for the boys,”

“Jobs out for the boys, say jobs out for the boys!”

When asked by The Advocate if he thought that was unethical, Scott said he didn’t care because nobody was going to stop him.

More to come.


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