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Local payroll systems sales representative, Gil Milat (53) appears to be approaching orgasm today, as he debriefs a colleague about quite possibly the most boring work trip of all time.

After attending the 2021 Fintech And Payroll Software Systems Summit, more commonly known as the FAPSSS2021 by industry heads, Gil appears to be absolutely jacked.

This is confirmed by the several different phone calls he has made while waiting for his return flight to the Gold Coast from the Betoota Domestic Airport this afternoon.

These high-energy phone conversations have detailed the last 72 action-packed hours that Gil has spent in the Betoota Convention centre. It’s almost as if he was in attendance at Woodstock or Coachella.

While witnesses say they can understand Gil’s need to excitedly touch base with his entire company, It is not yet known why he felt the need to give his wife Deborah a run down on it all, and if she was really that interested.

As the flight staff begin calling for exit rows and first class passengers to line up, Gil squeezes in one more phone call with his 2IC, Gary.

“You would have loved it” he says down the line to what is presumed to be a similarly excited player in the high-octane payroll software sector.

“A lot of big things going on. Big year coming up. Big Summer even”

“I feel like have had six coffees. Might take a while to come down from this one [haha]”


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