Oscar-winning football club magnate, Russell Crowe has pulled in more than 3.7 million Australian dollar over the weekend, after selling a range of artwork, jewellery and movie props at his “divorce auction” in Sydney.

The event, which was dubbed ‘The Art Of Divorce’ – probably by him – coincided with his 54th birthday and the anniversary of his wedding to actor Danielle Spencer in 2003. The couple separated in 2012 and they finalised their divorce last year.

Total sales may reach upwards $4 million after Crowe tweeted that conversations were continuing about further sales that could eventuate in another $350,000.

Crowe made a surprise appearance at the event to see one particular piece of memorabilia go under the hammer.

More than 85 per cent of the 226 items on offer at the event were sold, but one stood out above the rest. An item that Russell himself referred to as his most prized possession.

A jar of his own breath signed by the entire 2014 NRL Premiership-winning South Sydney Rabbitohs side.

“This one stings a little.” he said to the crowd.

“It’s obviously carrying the most value out of all the things here. Both sentimentally and monetary value. It’s a jar of my own breath, signed by the bunnies, and Russell Crow” said Russell Crowe.

The jar went for a $900 and a slab of Tooheys New, and was sold to an unknown bloke from Redfern.

Many of the items far exceeded the expectations of auction house Sotheby’s Australia, including costumes and props from the 2000 movie Gladiator.


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