Persian and fake Persian rug retailer, ‘Rugs a Million’ is today entering their third decade of closing down, it has been confirmed

Contrary to their advertising, the luxury rug retailer, who sell at wholesale prices, has another few years left in them before they finally shut up shop.

The Advocate can reveal that the business plans to continue plugging the sale well into the future.

Brian Goldman, the owner of the store told the Advocate that he has no plans to move away from a tried and tested sales technique – until of course they actually close down, which he says can sometimes take four decades

“When you combine the signage with a good TV ad, your sales go through the roof. You can’t blame me for doing what works,” he said. “Business is great brother, but yeah. We are closing down”

Mr Goldman showed us what can be described as an extremely low budget TV ad, which has flashing red writing jumping on and off the screen with a homemade jingle in the back ground.

Local resident Carleen Nicholson says she has been to retailer a few times and feels she’s lucky she got in the door before they shut down for good.

“Everything has these ‘slashed’ ‘discounted’ and ‘got to go’ stickers all over them, but the prices don’t seem that low. I guess they want to walk away with a profit”

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission told the Advocate that the practice is well recognised within the industry as a norm.

“Yes, the rug, as well as the blinds, tiles and flooring industry all partake in the practice,” an official statement said.

“They never know when they’ll be closing down, so they just prepare for it at all times”


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