Local patriot Phil Smith has today lashed out at the ‘air-conditioned inner-city office snowflakes who are riding our troops into the ground.’

“Mate, until you’ve served, you can’t cast judgment on our brave troops,” said the man who also hasn’t served but is asking that a culture that covers up war crimes be allowed to go unchecked.

“Shit happens over there,” said the man of the recent report which revealed allegations of war crimes committed by members of our SAS.

The report handed down by Major General Paul Brereton came after huge numbers of troops spoke up about the culture within the SAS and the appalling behavior that was permeating through its ranks because of the unchecked actions of senior members.

However, while plenty of people are applauding the fact our troops are trying to speak up and trying to put an end to the culture that saw children having their throats slit and pushed off cliffs, some have taken to the internet to blindly defend those committing the crimes.

“Shit happens in the fog of war,” said the man dismissing the attempts by our troops to call out for help because they didn’t want to live with the shit they had to witness and don’t want others to befall the same fate.

This comes after Brereton said none of the incidents being referred to the AFP could be discounted as “disputable decisions made under pressure in the heat of battle”.

“The cases in which it has been found that there is credible information of a war crime are ones where it was, or should have been, plain that the person killed was a non-combatant,” Brereton said.

But, patriot Phil says, we shouldn’t be conducting a witchhunt into things like ‘blooding’ – which involved junior soldiers killing a prisoner to ‘earn their stripes.’

“Mate, I don’t care, we shouldn’t be standing up for the mental health of our armed servicemen who are trying to change the warrior culture in the SAS, or trying to hold people accountable for murder,” he says.

“Because that doesn’t sit well with what I see as my side, and narrative in the ever-unfolding culture wars of the 21st century.”


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