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A French Quarter yuppie who’s against vaccinating people is about to have his resolve to the cause tested after Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said anyone who wants to fly overseas on his planes needs a spicy sneezey cough cough jab.

This stupid fucking yuppie is named Marc with a C and the reason why he’s about to face his greatest test is because like many other yuppie dogs in this boiling shithole of a town here on the edge of the Simpson Desert, they measure their personal wealth by the amount of Qantas points they’ve managed to accumulate.

And for some reason, despite his fine education and seemingly un-fucked brain, Marc doesn’t believe in vaccination and certainly won’t expose himself or his god-forsaken family to the required vaccination to fly internationally on Qantas.

“I’m never flying on Qantas again,” said the idiot.

“Which means I’ll have to use up these million or so points and status credits domestically, which will be hard but not impossible,”

“Very disappointing.”

The Advocate reached out to Alan Joyce for comment but his office told us to fuck off because he’s too busy to speak to anyone who isn’t on prime time television.

As a final question put to Marc with a c, our reporter asked him what he did for a living.

“I manage a foundation set up by my parents.”

With that, our reporter clicked off the recorder and thanked Marc for his time.

More to come.


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