A mum has tonight thwarted all attempts to enjoy dinner, despite multiple family members urging her to sit the fuck down.

Debra Lewisham [45] is alleged to have toiled in the kitchen for over an hour, making a top notch roast chicken, complete with seasonal veggies and a potato bake.

Despite complaining that no one helped her and that, ‘she hadn’t sat down all day’, Debra is said to have knocked back any attempts to assist in cooking, suggesting that it was just quicker if she did it herself.

This was of course accompanied by frequent sighs and the sweeping of forehead sweat, which Debra did with the excessive theatrics of a Shakespearean actor. 

Though her protestations did little to lessen the guilt felt by her husband and children, it was the refusal to sit down and enjoy the meal that prompted the most backlash – especially when she began washing the pots and pans immediately after placing the plates on the table.

“Mum, can you please sit down.”

“Debra hun, you can do that later.”

It’s reported that it took a whole five minutes of cajoling before Debra sat down, but that the family had to do it all over again once a movie was popped on, and Debra felt the need to go to the bathroom, make a bowl of popcorn and clean up the kitchen area just two minutes into the opening scene.

More to come. 


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