A group of straight blokes has today raised some eyebrows, after unanimously deciding a hike up a mountain warranted a photo of their bare naked, inverted asses.

It’s alleged the group of Brisbane boys had agreed to do a hike up Mount Cootha one Sunday morning when the frosty weather and gorgeous scenery prompted them to drop their jocks and join hands in victory.

As the cool breeze caressed their naked bodies, the group of men had squealed with laughter, purveying the view of the city with a feeling of triumph.

It’s unknown how long the blokes stood with their trousers to their ankles, but it’s discovered that dropping dacks on a mountain has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon with young Aussie men – much to the confusion of the females around them.

Brisbanite, Steph Garcia, says she’s constantly bombarded with ass photos on dating apps, which are becoming on par with the number of photos of men holding up fish.

“I’d like to go just one day without seeing a full moon”, says Steph, “if it’s not on a dating app it’s some guys’ cover photo.

“It’s an epidemic.”

More to come.


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