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Unseasonably hot weather in July is the new vogue according to a disturbing social media trend that’s seen young people enjoying places such as the beach and other outdoor pursuits in the middle of winter – when they should really be concerned about the environment.

The CSIRO released the damning report just days after Sydney and other capital cities recorded their hottest July days on record.

“When you think about it, it’s actually pretty fucked,” said one CSIRO spokesman.

“You’ve got these social media narcissists down by the seaside enjoying the water when they should be freaking out that they’re able to do so in fucking July,”

“I mean, wake up to yourselves. The planet is dying and all you can do is laugh and kick saltwater on your mates. Fuck me dead.”

Australia’s peak scientific body outlined in the report that if this is the attitude held by the youth of this country, then they should all prepare to die along with the planet.

More to come.


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