A recent report by the Aviation Society of Australia has found that 100% of people in North Queensland who has ever caught an aeroplane, has had to endure over 60 minutes sitting next to Bob Katter.

Every single person north of Rocky have at one point or another been seated next to the Member For Kennedy for an entire flight, where he will often talk about a number of conspiracy theories and over the top industrial projects he would like to experiment with.

Common conversations topics that innocent aeroplane passengers seated next to Mr Katter are forced to engage with, are as follows:

1. The North Queensland Secession debate.

2. How the Adler shotguns are the safest model of lever-action rifles available and banning them is the opposite of gun control.

3. How he detests the concept of Uber with every fibre of his being.

4. The Southern-Queensland favouritism in State Of Origin selections.

5. His proposal of carving spillways into the earth at both the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Great Australian bight, and in turn creating an enormous inland canal to cover all of the barren desert that currently sits below sea level, thus changing Australian biodiversity for the better in the higher farming country, and solving the issue of rising sea levels.

For the rest of Queensland, only 60% of residents claim to have caught a flight with Bob Katter, which is still a pretty large number considering that’s something like 5 million people who have been on a flight with Bob Katter. Some more than once.

The report also found that Bob Katter MP usually boards each flight at roughly 139 decibels, often talking to no one in particular.


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