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Debate over who ultimately has control over a woman’s reproductive organs continues to claim inches in newspapers across the third-worst state in the nation as conservative MPs dig their foxholes.

However, those aforementioned conservative members have said this afternoon that they’d be open to discussing the controversial abortion bill once they discover a way to profit from it.

The Members, who are content with being on the same side of history as the reanimated corpse that moonlights as Fred Nile, are said to be currently exploring their options with many in talks now with the many private equity firms dotted throughout Sydney’s beating heart.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate, a conservative member who asked to remain anonymous said that this debate has nothing to do with religion or a woman’s right to self-determination over her own organs.

“Should the worst happen and this bill gets passed by parliament, there needs to be a contingnecy a plan,” they said.

“It won’t take long for private abortion clinics to start sprouting out of the ground. There’s going to be a real opportunity to make some money here so a few colleagues and I have been to lunch with a few people in the finance game who can help our shell companies secure investment to build our own abortion clinics,”

“Being a Liberal means you don’t make being left without a chair when the music stops become a habit. In fact, you should own all the seats and charge everyone else rent when the music stops. Fuck you.”

The Advocate reached out to the Office of the NSW Premier for comment but were told she was busy lightly headbutting a wall in her office – and that she’d get back to us as soon as possible.

More to come.


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