A recent report from the Fred Hollows Foundation has found that supermodels, porn stars and actors have some of the worst eyesight in the world.

The charity, that aims to ‘put an end to all avoidable blindness’ have conducted a study into why hot people often look like they haven’t visited an optometrist for a long time.

“Over 70% of people who squint their eyes a little bit when posing for the camera, aren’t doing it to be sexy” said one spokesperson.

“It’s because they can’t see. And are too vain to wear glasses”

“This whole duckface thing started because that oldest Kardashian refuses to wear glasses or contact lenses”

Dalby girl turned Hollywood megastar, Margot Robbie says if being kind of blind is the price you pay for being heaps hot, then it’s a risk she’s willing to take.

“My sunglasses are prescription or whatever. But you wouldn’t catch me dead wearing the milk bottles my doctor has prescribed. That’s why I squint”

Margot Robbie says as a result of this lifestyle choice, her iPhone text is set to three times the standard size. She also doesn’t read much

“I can’t read a book wearing Bailey Nelsons sunglasses. I wear them purely so that I don’t trip over gutters while avoiding paparazzi”




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