Australia’s oldest and 11th best rooster-based chicken franchise, Red Rooster, has today announced it is seriously considering a major shift in company policy by building restaurants where humans actually live.

The news comes after tens of people took to the streets this week to campaign for better access to the fast-food restaurant, although much of the public outcry dissipated once people found out their was a KFC just round the corner that was giving away free packets of Supercharged sauce.

Even so, the public’s voice ‘was heard loud and clear’, says Red Rooster CEO, John Rooster.

“For the last 15 years, we’ve been working hard at making sure our Red Rooster brand is accessible to everyone who lives 45 minutes from a Coles or is travelling to Hobart for a weekend”, said Mr. Rooster. “However, it’s becoming clear that, in this day and age, people are demanding more from their favourite chicken-shop-they-just-remembered-existed”

“It’s up to us now to ensure that we can grow our business to become a modern company that has a place within our society in 2018. And yes, that means building restaurants that might only be 35 minutes from your nearest Coles”.

Mr. Rooster is hoping that, with this new company initiative, the company can once again live up to the vision that his great-grandfather and company founder, Reddington ‘Red’ Rooster, had for it.

“My great-grandad’s dream was a simple one – that every child in Australia should have safe and easy access to chicken and gravy rolls. Clearly, somewhere along the line, between all the money we were making and the cocaine we were doing, we lost our way”

“But now, I believe it is time to recapture the essence of Red Rooster. It’s time to finally create an Australia where a Dad can ask his family ‘what do you want to have for dinner?’ and his kids can respond ‘Red Rooster’ and nobody starts laughing”.


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