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A popular semi professional sand dune surfer of North Betoota fame came home in the early hours of this morning with one major priority on his mind – to not disturb his four housemates.

However, he did not succeed.

Greg Bullion (34) told The Advocate that he was like a ‘frickon [sic] church mouse’ when he got back home at around 4am last night.

But if you ask any of the clumsy Cancerian’s house mates, they’ll tell you otherwise.

“He was very loud coming home,” said Sandy Willmott.

“It took him like a minute just to get the key in the door. Then he felt like fixing himself some dinner before bed,”

“Which involved more bashing and clashing of pots and pans, crockery and so on. He was not quiet at all. Did he tell you he was?”

Mr Bullion did say he was quiet but had to outline the fact that he can’t even remember what he ate when he got home.

While he tried his best to keep up with the interview, our reporters ultimately decided that the interview should be terminated for his own dignity.

More to come.


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