5 October 2016. 12:25


Following the spectacular NRL Grand Final between the Cronulla Sharks and the Melbourne Storm, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has come good on her pre-season promise to Greg Martin from Triple M’s Grill Team to get a Maroon State Of Origin tattoo live on air.


In March this year, the Premier appeared on the breakfast radio program and vowed that if the NRL Grand Final didn’t include a Queensland team, she would get the QRL logo tattooed on her body, with the caption ‘8 In A Row’.

“Premierships come and go,” she said.

“But that hot streak we experienced over the last decade. That won’t be forgotten any time soon,”

The ‘hot streak’ is in reference to the QLD Maroons achieving a record-breaking eight successive State of Origin victories from 2006 to 2013, colloquially referred to as ‘8 In A Row’ or ‘8 str8’ by Queenslanders.

“I made a promise, and I’m going to come good on it. I’m an Inala girl so it’s pretty weird that I didn’t have this tatt already,”

The radio stunt was met with plenty of laughter from the Triple M team, with co-host Greg Martin pointing out that he once played for the Wallabies and had never seen anything like this.

Upon completion of the tattoo, Annastacia Palaszczuk left the building with glad-wrap strapped to her new body art.

“I’ll catch youse later,” she said.

“Eight in a row. Never forget”


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