1 September 2016

MERV HARRIS | Brisbane| Contact

In a move that was described as a ‘game changer’ by the fruit and vegetable association Fresh Markets Australia, it was announced this morning that independent fruit shops around the country will begin selling the famous Milton Mango, as of later this month.

It was widely speculated in horticulture circles that the contract to sell the highly popular consumable would be awarded to one of the big supermarkets, but the grower Castlemaine Perkins ultimately went with the independent bid.

“We believe that local grown produce should be sold by local grocers, and we grow all out mangoes in Milton” said Elliot Ryan, a spokesman for Castlemaine Perkins.

“It’s Australia’s favourite summer delicacy, the Milton mango, and we want to ensure that local fruiterers can get in on the act”.

Jamie Croon, a wholesaler at the Brisbane Markets, said it was a massive coup for small traders – “I can’t wait to get a few pallets of stock in” he said.

“We’ll get the boys ‘round and rip the skin off a few, the weather’s just starting to turn so it’s a bloody great time of year for it” he said.

“There’s nothing better than smashing a box of mangoes in the sun with ya mates, it’s what Australia’s all about”.

Crucially for wholesalers, the contract also includes the rights to sell the Castlemaine Cranberry, the growers’ second highest selling produce and the favourite option of the Queensland State of Origin team. It was this added extra that encouraged the architects of the independent bid to pull their fingers out.

“When we heard the contract included Castlemaine cranberries as well, we were like ‘fuck this, let’s just throw everything at it’” said one of the main players in the independent bid, Peter Seeney.

“It’s a heavier beast, the cranberry, but the punters love it when they really wanna do a number on themselves” he said.



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