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Local mum, Olivia Mundey (58) has made a subtle attempt to show solidarity with her adult children, as husband John (62) launches into his weekly political rant.

The children Laura (25) and Samuel (27) are also trying their best to make sure dad doesn’t an unmanageable level of Courier Mail-fuelled rage as he talks about how Malcolm Turnbull is fucking this country up.

On the topic of climate change, and how the greens lack any form of empirical evidence that would suggest scouring our country for coal is not beneficial to the future of humankind, John says Prime Minister Turnbull may as well put on a fucking turtle neck sweater if “he wants to appeal to these stupid left-wing poofters”

“Turnbull’s too caught up in the political agenda of these homosexual chardonnay socialists rolling around Bondi,”

“Good riddance to that toffy little prick in Point Piper, I say”

“Who the fuck is he to say it’s Australia’s responsibility to deal with this climate change hoax,”

To avoid ruining Boxing Day, oldest son Tim Mundey has avoided mentioning the fact that 90% of Australia’s coral reef is in danger of being bleached to oblivion and the fact that Australia will probably have to home about 200,000 climate refugees from the pacific islands in about ten years.

His mum, who is never a big contributor to political conversations can see the self-restraint in his eyes.

She nods sympathetically, making sure John doesn’t notice.

After twenty minutes of a tense tirade, one that has seen John clearly breaching 18C of the racial discrimination act, he decides to tone it down and talk about how his children are finding life in the land of opportunity that his generation is solely responsible for creating.

“How’s life going anyway, pink shirt?” he says to Tim.

“Still blowing all your coin on coffee and the bloody facebook? pfft”

“And you lot wonder why you’ll never be able to afford a house…”



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