1 September, 2016. 12:34

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

WHEN YOUNG PROFESSIONAL MEN plan to do something unnecessarily physical, it’s usually in the name of charity.

Some do the Tough Mudder for the Cancer Council, others run for miles without stopping for the Royal Flying Doctor.

But for Brett Lystin, he’s running the upcoming Blackmore’s Half Marathon for himself – and nobody else.

“I can’t really commit to much this month,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of mates hit me up for beers recently, but I just can’t, you know? Perhaps they’ll understand if they ever do a half marathon, which I’m doing on September 18,”

“And another thing, there’s no point in doing all this training and running if you’re not going to share your journey via social media. There’s no better feeling knowing that when you upload that brisk sunrise walk video to your Snapchat story, all of your piece of shit mates are going to see that when they wake up bleary-eyed in the morning,”

“One of my flatmates, who is a bag of shit, said that this half marathon is only a thinly veiled attempt to woo women, which I guess is half true. I always take note of who’s been watching my story. Sometimes I send them the video and upload it to my story so they get the picture loud and clear. Anyway, good chat.” he said.

When asked by The Advocate whether he plans to exert himself for charity in the near future, the 25-year-old photographer said he wasn’t.

Lystin plans to begin training for the Sydney half marathon this week, just in time for the starting gun on September 18.


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