Michael Clarke has today taken off his super serious commentator hat – and put back on his best mate hat, as he rocked up to visit the Aussie side at a light recovery session in Adelaide
“Genius stuff boys” he roared, while glancing at his iPhone and folding his sunglasses.

“Pure genius. Starc… Genius”

It is believed that Clarke, who has actually in the past been the captain of the Australian side, is still quite popular with the players – some who he played with. It’s for this reason that he makes sure to catch them outside of the pitch, just to let them know he doesn’t always have to be an on-brand sports media personality, and doesn’t mind being their mate as well, every now and then.

“Wasn’t the pitch just genius yesterday boys”

Cricket Australia have today confirmed that Michael Clarke is believed to have said the word genius over 1000 times since arriving in Adelaide last Thursday, and have implored him to say the word as much as possible as he gets back into the groove of things in this year’s Channel 9 commentary box.

“Where’s Gary at boys… Fuck me that genius bowling yesterday. Just, genius”


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