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A local personal trainer has today confirmed that he is happy to offer his clients a raft of advice on a number of topics on which he is wildly unqualified on.

The employee, and Cert IV qualified personal trainer at Legends Gym in Betoota Flightpath District told The Advocate today that he is not only a coach in the gym but a coach in life and general health.

Vincent Raymond (29) said; “Yes, I do like to help my clients out on a number of things. Life Coaching. Dietary requirements. Muscle strains. Mental health.”

When quizzed on whether he is in fact qualified to give advice on any of those things, the man wearing a Legends Gym shirt a size too small for him became a little irate.

“No, all these qualifications these days are bullshit,” said the man unable to go through any social interaction without mentioning that he has Cert IV in Fitness.

“Cherryl is clinically depressed, but I can change that and her life if she commits to working hard with me in our weekly session. Oh and if she also sticks to the weekly meal plan that I found off the internet,” he said.

However, whilst Raymond maintains that he is in a position to be giving out all sorts of advice to people seeing him for a fitness session, others aren’t so sure.

Elyse Wetherspoon from the Australian Medical Association told our reporters that they have seen a concerning number of personal trainers adopting medical practitioner roles that they have had no training in whatsoever.

“Ever since this fitness craze has taken off we have seen a huge number of PT’s offering advice on an array of matters to which they have limited understanding.”

“It’s not so much that it’s dangerous, because no one actually listens to them, but it’s frustrating and a barrier towards people getting fit because they can’t handle the constant ‘guidance.'”

Raymond responded with laughie cry emojis and said it was pretty typical for doctor’s to say that kind of stuff.

“Haha! Of course they would”

“Seriously. That’s what they’ve been telling you?”



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