Tempers have flared up today at North Brisbane’s Chermside Shopping Centre, after two men reportedly got into a heated argument over Neil Finns announcement that he’s joined Fleetwood Mac.

Peter Green, 28, and Jeremy Spencer, 35, were in the dairy aisle at Woolworths when Jeremy made a negative remark about Peters Crowded House t-shirt.

Witness reports suggest that Peter then returned fire on Jeremy, saying that Neil Finn – the frontman for Crowded House – had been “poached” by Fleetwood Mac and that he has no place in the “rubbish” band. Jeremy was wearing his favourite Fleetwood Mac shirt at the time.

The offensive comments grew worse, resulting in the pair trying to remove each other’s shirts and pour custard over them.

One witness, Rhiannon, who filmed the fracas, said matters were only made worse when Fleetwood Mac’s divisive single ‘Tusk’ came through the p.a system.

“Listen to this shit” screamed Peter, his head securely locked by Jeremy, “you call that a song? Fuck Fleetwood Mac!”

Peter then apparently squeezed his arm tighter, yelling “it’s art, cunt! ART! This is a brave example of a band pushing the boundaries of what’s accepted in popular music! It’s pure creative freedom fuckhead!”

As Rhiannon was about to call the police, Jeremy began rattling off what he considered Crowded Houses best work.

It was when he pleaded “what about Distant Sun?” that Peter appeared suddenly loosened his grip.

“Yeah you got me there. That’s a belter. Something So Strongs’ pretty good too. And The World Where You Live. That’s good”.

In appreciation of Peter’s admissions, Jeremy also declared that he liked a few Mac songs too.

“Dreams is pretty good I gotta admit. Say That You Love Me, anything by McVie. She rules”

In a stroke of genius, having recognised this potential reconciliation, Rhiannon organised for staff to play Crowded Houses’ classic ‘Don’t Dream Its Over’ through the p.a, which resulted in the pair embracing and quietly moving over to the Beach House Bar & Grill, where they sank schooners and sang all their mutually favourite songs.

They agreed that they will wait to see how Finn goes before they pass any more judgement.


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