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Prefacing his statement, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg started by outlining that the highest point-scorer in the game’s history has never had a beer to celebrate that.

He said that it was a sport often plagued by scandal, criminal activity and many things worse.

“But above all, the game of rugby league shines through,” he said.

“We know that Israel [Folau] has some very, very spicy opinions about gay people, religion and rugby union – but we don’t live under the Taliban. You’re free to have an opinion in this country, even if it’s the wrong one. That’s what makes this nation great and to a certain extent, quite regressive.”

“But I digress. We here at the NRL don’t care about what’s in Issy’s heart, we care about that wicked step, the unGodly – sorry shouldn’t say that. The ability he has to break tackles as well as make them. He is a ticket-selling machine and Christ knows, fuck sorry, I mean everyone knows we need to sell more tickets. Israel is welcome back at the NRL at any time.”

The news comes as Folau faced heated criticism from people on the internet as well as Australian Rugby’s corporate sponsors over remarks he made about the LGBTI community.

A man of deep Mormon faith, Israel took to social media to explain that he feels that members of the gay community are going to Hell – despite it being a made up place.

This morning, David Pocock’s least-favourite Queenslander fronted the head honchos of Australian Rugby, where he offered to walk from his contract if his opinions brought the game into disrepute.

“As State of Origin is only a few short weeks away, I know, right! Jesus wept, where has this year gone? Fuck, sorry Issy. Anyway, it’d be nice to have Israel back in the Maroon jersey doing front flips and shit. That’d be really great. Cheers,” said Greenberg.

“Our number is still the same.”

More to come.



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