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A Betoota Heights psychopath handed over a $20 to a local taxi driver today to cover a fare of $13.30.

The short trip into down from the Mulholland Street train station in the French Quarter takes a while during the morning and afternoon peaks – and as Martin Dollarhyde was in a hurry, he had no choice but to get a cab.

However, one thing he had a choice in was to make the life of his taxi driver a bit easier by declaring that $15 would be fine, negating the need to handle some shrapnel.

His driver, Glenn Katter OAM, who is better known locally as the man who broke Shane Heal’s ankles by cruising through a red light back in 2004, paused initially before putting his hand the disused ashtray to fish out the exact change.

All the while, Martin sat there trying to look Glenn in the eye through the rear-vision mirror.

“Here you go,” said Glenn.

“Thanks,” replied Martin in a tone that suggested the driver narrowly escaped being murdered, skinned and turned into a raincoat.

Moments after, our reporter jumped in Glenn taxi where he explained how much of a ‘tight cunt’ his last customer was.

“You know the type, mate,” said Glenn.

“A well-built, WASPy looking fuck that’s two bad trades away from a toaster bath.”

Our reporter agreed and went back to hoping the driver didn’t speak to them for the rest of the trip back to the newsroom.

More to come.


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