A recent report by the Victorian Racing Board has found that female racegoers are unable to be in the vicinity of a champagne bottle popping without instinctively making ‘woooo’ sounds

This study has been seen in action this after noon, as a Melbourne man fired off the cork from a bottle of sparkling, following the conclusion of the 2017 Melbourne Cup, an nationally significant horse racing event believed to host the highest rate of champagne wooing.

Rekindling, the youngest horse in the race at age four has won the cup, delivering the race’s most successful owner a sixth Cup trophy. Joseph O’Brien trained the winner, which was piloted to victory by Corey Brown ahead of Johannes Vermeer and Max Dynamite.

“He’s had a good season,” O’Brien said this week. He’s been busy, running consistently well all year.”

Rekindling was the youngest horse in the race, aged four.

It is unclear if the result today’s Melbourne Cup race is behind the celebratory champagne pop, or if it is just a no-reason spray of sparkling, either way it has drawn the attention of every woman within in twenty or so metre radius.

“Wooo” yells a group of third party females who spun around immediately upon hearing the pop.

“Woo hooo!”




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