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Feeling confident in his newfound ability to control his impulses, a popular North Betoota account director has sat in the pub down the road from his office this afternoon and repeatedly recoiled in disgust.

Life wasn’t as rosy as it is now for Brett Dearmoth.

Just two short years ago, he was left destitute as a terrible gambling addiction took hold of his life and refused to let go.

The 28-year-old was forced to move back into the family home with his ageing parents, who worked hard through retirement to help their son get back on his feet.

But that was then.

Now the Betoota Dolphins third grade captain has paid off his debts and has control of his life once again, plus a career in one of the area’s most successful public relations firms.

He spoke briefly to The Advocate about the day.

“I can’t believe all this shit is still legal, it’s fucking disgusting,” he said.

“It’s just so predator, especially for blokes like me. Here I am down the Glock & Spiel Hotel with my mates from work, trying to have a good time on Cup day and I’ve had all this betting advertising just spewed at me all afternoon,”

“It’s hard enough for a bloke like me to have a couple of beers and keep out of the Tatts, let alone have the ability to have sixty fucking betting accounts in my pocket. It should be illegal and so should this whole sport, turn these vast expanses of lawn into flats. Eat the rich!”

Mr Dearmoth then took a deep breath and asked our reporter if he’d like to continue the interview in the smoking area.

More to come.


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