A Brisbane high school has drawn criticism today after parents of students complained about new measures put in place to curb the popular ‘Brissy pastime’ of indulging in 10-on-1o street brawls.

The rule was introduced this week to protect children, says Junior Serevi, Acting Principal.

Parents had complained, he says, “about excessive 10-on-10s and also about children being hurt by the 10-on-10s”.

As well, staff at the school had felt the behaviour was getting out of control and had become disruptive.

“It was a fad. A Brissy tradition that became a bit more than a bit of fun, it started getting in the way of our educating.

The matter was canvassed at the time and explained to the children, says Mr Serevi

“Last week, we had a meeting to reinforce appropriate behaviour with our Year 10 and 11 children and about being role models and that rule was reinforced in that meeting.”

The Education Department and other schools have been supportive he says.

However, local mum Karen Cambouris has been one of many parents to vocally oppose the school’s ruling.

“This is fucken bullshit” says the 49-year-old pie-van driver.

“Political correctness gone mad, these stupid fairies running the school are tryna make our boys soft! It’s fuckin’ crook,”

“My boy will keep ten-on-tening with his mates, and no one can stop ’em. Especially not some so called academic in a tweed tie,”

“If they don’t change the rules I’ll be pulling the boy out of school so he can ten-on-ten with his mates’ out front of the house”.

The ban on 10-on-10 after school brawls has emerged on the same week that an exclusive Sydney girls school banned teachers from calling “ladies” or “women” in favour of “gender-neutral” terms.



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