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There’s a lot of nervous staffers in Canberra this evening as the Prime Minister looks to blame someone for the red carpet fuck up that have made the big New South Welshman look like a gronk in the eyes of our Defence Community.

Speculation is mounting that Scott Morrison will blame his Junior Director of Communications, Alistair William James Richard, who is someone’s son and allegedly grossly-underqualified for the position.

However, The Advocate spoke to a member of the Prime Minister’s staff on the promise of anonymity and they said there might even be a higher profile scalp.

A senior position at Liberal-aligned lobbying firm Barton Deakin has just been created, which may indicate someone pretty high up in the Prime Minister’s staff is about to be parachuted into it.

“It could be his senior media advisor,” they said.

“Because it was Scott Morrison who sent the memo out for all cabinet members to be ceremoniously greeted with all the flags and carpets and what-have-you. But now that it’s gone to shit and Australians he wants to like him, namely people in the defence force, have called him out for doing something that not only disrespects the military but also disrespects the humble office of Prime Minister, he needs to throw someone under the bus,”

“Because that’s just how he operates. Bill Shorten would’ve done the samething.”

More to come.


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