With just under 10 weeks until the 2021 Olympics take place in Tokyo City, once again Australians are waiting with baited breathe to see what weird hobby sports we have become world leaders in since the last Games.

While Australians acknowledge that every Olympics since Sydney 2000 have lacked the magic that we felt watching Cathy win gold on home soil, it’s always a bit of fun regardless.

Even if it takes place in the middle of an out of control pandemic that has the people of Japan growing increasingly nervous and has already seen the event postponed a year.

This Games, however, we aren’t sure what weird suburban sports we are going to excel in.

With the glory days of golds in swimming and athletics unfortunately looking like they are behind us, it seems Australian Olympians are nowadays most likely to strive in weird non-team ass sports that you kind of fall into as a kid.

Bookies are eyeing off sports shooting and rhythmic gymnastics as the most likely events to see Australians in medal contention.

Any sports involving horses like equestrian and dressage also seem to do well, but there is also a few eyeballs on the newly added BMX events.

That is, of course if these Olympics even go ahead.

With more than 80% of Japanese residents now openly opposing the idea of hosting the Olympics this year – Japan has also made the radical decision to expand their a coronavirus state of emergency, as the nation battles a fourth wave of virus infections.

The surge has put pressure on the country’s healthcare system, with medical professionals repeatedly warning about shortages and burnout.


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